The Authors

Carlos Mundy
Marie Stravlo

Writer, film producer, unrepentant traveler, Tibetan by adoption, personal manager of celebrities , show jumper….the list of occupations of Carlos Mundy is endless but, he says, far from feeling drunk with such a cocktail, the mix serves as a stimulus. “I would be incapable of living a routine life” he says.

His friends define him as a man of the renaissance and he admits that he is a writer by passion, a film producer by fascination, an unrepentant traveler by curiosity. Tibetan by solidarity, a personal manager for the beauty and a show jumper for the love of horses.

The lost Romanov icon and the enigma of Anastasia is his fourth novel. He has also published Gestapo Lodge, and co written The Rainbow Warrior and The Twilight of the Fourth Worlds with his sister Charis. Because of his passion for history and his knowledge of the Romanov Saga, he invited Marie Stravio to write together this historical novel.
Ms Stravlo has worked successfully as a television producer and has hosted numerous radio and television programs for more than twenty years. She studied modern languages, law and journalism and had been a new anchor for the local channel of Telemundo in her home state in the United States. In addition, she has served as Spanish language professor, translator and writer during a successful and busy career. But above all, Marie Stravlo is an advocate for peace and human rights, a devoted reader, an avid traveler and a skilled researcher with a strong passion about history in general and in particular about the controversy surrounding the Romanovs.

Since 1998 she has closely followed all the developments about the still unresolved mystery of the Russian Imperial family. Four years ago she took a sabbatical leave and has been engaged in a full time investigation of the subject which has uncovered lots of previously hidden information and documents which reveal that the fate of the Imperial Family of Russia might not be exactly as it has been told.

After travelling to many countries and interviewing dozens of people with direct knowledge of the subject (some of them members of European royal houses). Marie Stravlo presents here some of her findings in conjunction with acclaimed author Carlos Mundy. By means of captivating plot, this historical novel revives and illuminates the controversy surrounding one of the most enigmatic women of the Twentieth Century.